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一分钟英语:That's how I roll

一分钟英语:That's how I roll

English in a Minute – That's how I roll 这就是我的风格

Welcome to English in a Minute!


Rolling is a common action. But what could it mean if someone says,that's how I roll?

滚动(rolling)是一种常见的动作。但如果有人说 that's how I roll,是什么意思呢?

Anna,why are you wearing that really pink wig?


I like wo keep people guessing,Dan.That's how I roll. Hey, you can borrow it if you want.


Thankd,but pink is not really how I roll. This is more my color.


Oh,nice curls,Dan!


When someone says that's how I roll, they are describing things they like to do, or how they behave in certain situations.

当有人说 that's how I roll 时,他们是在描述自己喜欢做的事情,或者他们在特定情况下的行为方式。

We use this expression with our friends.So,feel free to use it with your friends, if that's how you roll.

我们一般在朋友之间使用这个表达。所以,如果 that's how you roll (那就是你的风格),那就随意和你的朋友们使用它吧!