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一分钟英语:Sticker shock

一分钟英语:Sticker shock

English in a Minute – sticker shock 价格冲击

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A sticker is a piece of paper that attaches to a surface.Stickers can be used to show the cost of a product.

sticker 是贴在物体表面的纸,可以用来显示产品的成本。

But what does sticker shock mean?

那么“sticker shock”是什么意思呢?

So,Dan, have you gotten that new bicycle yet?


Well, I went to the bike store, but I left with some serious sticker shock.

我去了自行车专卖店,但我带着严重的 "价格冲击 "离开了。

I just had sticker shock,too, in my favorite sticker store. Since when does a book of stickers cost $20? Crazy!


Sticker shock is used to describe the surprise and disappointment someone feels when they find out how much something costs.

sticker shock ”用来形容某人发现某物标价时的惊讶和失望。

In this time of high inflation, many people probably experience sticker shock.