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一分钟英语:Roll out the red carpet

一分钟英语:Roll out the red carpet

English in a Minute –Roll out the red carpet 热烈欢迎 隆重接待

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Carpet is a soft floor covering.So,what could it mean to roll out the red carpet?

地毯是一种柔软的地板覆盖物。那么,roll out the red carpet 是什么意思呢?

How was your trip home,Anna?


Awesome!I had all my favorite meals. My family fixed up my old treehouse.And my favorite cousin flew in from Saskatchewan to surprise me!


Wow! Sounds like they rolled out the red carpet for you.When I go home,my parents just give me a list of things they want me to fix, like the roof.


Important guests at events sometimes get to walk down a red carpet.You see this a lot in Hollywood.


As an idiom, to roll out the red carpet means to welcome someone in a special and memorable way.

作为一个成语, roll out the red carpet 意味着以一种特别而难忘的方式欢迎某人。