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一分钟英语:Proud as a Peacock

一分钟英语:Proud as a Peacock

English in a Minute – Proud as a Peacock:盛气凌人

Welcome to English in a Minute!

Have you ever seen a peacock?

They have brightly colored feathers, and they like to show them off.

Proud as a Peacock

So, I heard Reggie raised the most money for the Save the Plankton contest.

Yeah, and you should have seen him. When he accepted the award, he was proud as a peacock.

Well, he did raise a lot of money for an important cause.

But it's not about him, Jonathan. It's about the plankton!

"Proud as a peacock" describes someone who thinks highly of themselves.

They think they are special, and they don't mind showing it!

They might even walk around in a proud way, just like a peacock does when showing off its feathers.