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一分钟英语:A Drop in the Ocean

一分钟英语:A Drop in the Ocean

English in a Minute – A Drop in the Ocean:沧海一粟

Welcome to English in a Minute!

The ocean is huge! One single drop of liquid is very small.

But, what could this mean?

A Drop in the Ocean

Jonathan, would you like to give to my campaign, Save the Plankton?

Um, sure?

Great! I'll put you down for $10. My goal is $1 million!

$1 million?!? My 10 is just a drop in the ocean.

Yes, but if everyone gives $10, the plankton will be saved!

The ocean has so much water in it.

If you add another drop, it won't make a difference.

To say "a drop in the ocean," means something is so small that it doesn't seem likely to make a difference.