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一分钟英语:On the Fence

一分钟英语:On the Fence

English in a Minute – On the Fence:犹豫不决

Welcome to English in a Minute.

This is a fence.

Fences are used to separate to areas.

But what could this idiom mean?

On the Fence

Okay, Anna. Have you decided?

Yes. No. For two days, I have thought about the pros and the cons, but I am still on the fence.

Well, you can't sit on the fence much longer. I need a decision.

Do you want chocolate cake or vanilla? I don't know.

Someone who is "on the fence" has not made a decision or picked a side in some issue.

To sit on the fence means to be undecided.

Someone who always has a hard time making decisions can even be called a fence-sitter.