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一分钟英语:Thorn in My Side

一分钟英语:Thorn in My Side

English in a Minute – Thorn in My Side:让我深感麻烦的事情

Welcome to English in a Minute.

Some plants, like roses, have thorns.

They are sharp and can really hurt!

Uh oh, I hope Anna and Jonathan are okay.

Thorn in My Side

So, Bob wants you to re-do the weekly meeting notes.

Taking notes is such a thorn in my side.

Oh, and he wants you to color-code all the questions and answers.

Do you know what else is a thorn in my side?


Bob, yeah.

If someone is "a thorn in your side", they continue to cause problems for you.

Anything that is annoying or troublesome can be called "a thorn in your side".

Anything or anyone. Like Bob.