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一分钟英语:Dollars to Donuts

一分钟英语:Dollars to Donuts

English in a Minute – Dollars to Donuts:我敢保证

Welcome to English in a Minute!

This is a delicious donut.

Here in the U.S., a donut costs about a dollar.

But what could this mean?

Dollars to Donuts.

Hey Anna, are you still riding with me to Maggie's party later?

Yes! And I took a nap earlier, so I am ready to par-tay!

Great! Dollars to donuts we get stuck in traffic on the way, though.

Dollars to donuts Maggie's party will go on way past midnight.

"Dollars to donuts" means you are sure something will happen.

Experts say the phrase first appeared in the 1800s.

It replaced similar expressions at the time, like "dollars to buttons" and "dollars to dumplings."

And that's English in a Minute!