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一分钟英语:Take the World by Storm

一分钟英语:Take the World by Storm

English in a Minute – Take the World by Storm:征服世界

Welcome to English in a Minute.

Storms are weather events with rain, lightning, thunder and wind.

But what could this expression mean? Let's find out!

Take the World by Storm.

How's the ukulele coming along? Ready to take the world by storm?

Well, maybe just the learn-English-with-ukulele world, Jonathan.

Is that world even out there, Anna?

I will find it.

A is for apple, b...

If you "take the world by storm", you are really good at something.

People notice your work and like it!

You can take many "worlds" by storm, even the English-teaching-with-a-ukulele world.

And that's English in a Minute.