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一分钟英语:Drive Someone Nuts

一分钟英语:Drive Someone Nuts

English in a Minute – Drive Someone Nuts:使某人发疯

Welcome to English in a Minute from home.

Nuts are a healthy, tasty food!

So, why is it bad to drive someone to them?

Jonathan, do you have time today...

Anna, I can't hear you. What is that noise in the background?

It's a leaf blower. My neighbor uses it every day and it drives me nuts!

Yes, that noise would make me crazy too.


In this case, "nuts" means a little crazy.

And "drive" means "to make."

So, to "drive someone nuts" means to make a person feel a little crazy, or even angry.

We mostly use this expression for not so serious things.

And that's English in a Minute!