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一分钟英语:Dry Spell

一分钟英语:Dry Spell

English in a Minute – Dry Spell:低潮期

Welcome to English in a Minute from home.

A "dry spell" is a period with little or no rain.

But I'm guessing Anna and Jonathan are not going to discuss the weather.

Anna, are you getting ready for baseball season -- whenever that happens?

Yes! Last year was one big dry spell. My pitching was terrible.

Well, practicing might end your dry spell for next time.

That's the plan.

"Dry spell" means a period of time in which you're less successful, productive, or active than usual.

Many people might say the year 2020 has been one big dry spell.

Thankfully, dry spells do usually come to an end.

And that's English in a Minute!