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一分钟英语:To Sponge off Someone

一分钟英语:To Sponge off Someone

English in a Minute – To Sponge off Someone:依靠他人白吃白喝

Welcome to English in a Minute.

This is a sponge(海绵), it soaks up liquids, we use sponges to clean many things, cars, dishes, even ourselves!

Jonathan:Hey, what's the cash for?

Anna:Dan needs to borrow some money for lunch.

Jonathan:He is alwayssponging off people! Last week, I paid for his parking, he hasn't pay me back!

Anna:Dan is a big, old sponge.

To Sponge off Someone 依靠他人白吃白喝

When a personsponges off someone else, they take important things from them like food and money.

So, a sponge, as we call them, takes advantage of other people.

And that's English in a Minute.