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AP News 一分钟新闻 2019-03-14



president Donald Trump says us is issuing the emergency order grounding all boeing 737 MX8 and MX9 aircraft in the wake of crashed in Ethiopia airline that killed 157 people. many nation in the world had already barred 737mx8 for its airspace, but until now the federal aviation administration has been said it didn't have any data to show the jet is unsafe.

former Trump campaign chairman P M had sentenced to additional 3 and half years prison on conspricy charge relate to his foreign lorry in work and wittness tempering. he will serve the time on top of Wefllin 4 year term. In separate criminal case in Virginia to held up for potential president pardon. authority in newyork probably charge manifort is another criminal case.

2 young man wearing heards , carrying guns knives and crossmos open fire at the schools near in suburb Sanpol ,brazil largest city killed in 7 people before taken them on lives. the dead included 6 students and 2 teachers, and several other people were hospitalize with injures according to Sunpol's government.

the FBI has said extra lawyer L has been taken into custody connection with skining in which wealthy parents paid bribes to give their children into top college. it is FBI spokeswoman says L is in custody in Los Angels. she is scheduled to appear to court in wednesday

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