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CRI News60秒 2018-12-13

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Former world leaders hail China's contribution to the world

Among them was Japan's former Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama. He said that in contrast to the rising protectionist and nationalist sentiment in some of Western countries, China has a broader vision for the international community.

"United States President Donald Trump believes in America first. He advocates self-interested policies. I think that if all nations went in for these protectionist policies, international disputes would never end. Meanwhile, the idea of a world community with a shared future for humanity proposed by President Xi is a solution for tackling the problems we face, such as climate change and war. Our world is very fragile. I hope China's idea for peace can be carried forward by the whole world," Hatoyama said.

Hatoyama added that the Belt and Road initiative embodies China's advocacy of multilateralism, not only in terms of its economic outcomes, but also with regard to regional stability and security.

"I really appreciate the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping. This is a very important conception in the county's reforms, a measure to further open its doors. Meanwhile the Belt and Road is significant to peripheral countries and the developing countries in the two continents. Within its framework, infrastructure can be developed, which can further enhance communication among neighboring countries. I think that is the goal of the initiative. President Xi also noted that the purpose of the Belt and Road is to achieve peace. I think it's a very lofty thought," Hatoyama added.

Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai was also at the meeting in Beijing this week. He spoke of the example China sets for the developing countries in terms of social development.

"China's rise as a second biggest economic power house in the world is a reality that we faced wisdom and cooperation. The very fact of China's economic power and now the massive economic project of One Belt One Road, means the transfer from the same prosperity to other countries. It's tremendous contribution to the world," Karzai said.

"Also China doesn't interfere in the internal affairs of other countries, in terms of political systems and promotion of political systems. That's why there is more and more instruction of China in economic development also the model of governance China has."

This year's Imperial Springs International Forum was held in Guangzhou on December 11th and 12th.

More than 200 former world leaders, scholars, and business elites shared their ideas on China's reform and opening up and how to promote global cooperation.

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