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CRI News60秒 2018-12-03

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Xi receives Argentina's highest decoration when meeting with President Macri

Xi Jinping congratulated Argentine President Mauricio Macri on the success of the international event and reaffirmed China's commitment to multilateralism and open economy.

"China sincerely congratulates Argentina on the successful celebration of the Group of 20 summit. We agree that China and Argentina, as great developing countries and emerging markets facing the intricate global picture, should make the G20 solidarity spirit worth strongly defending multilateralism and free commerce to build an open world economy to promote prosperity and stability over the world," Xi Jinping noted.

China is among Argentina's top export markets, especially for agricultural commodities that are the engine of its economy.

As part of Sunday's meeting at the presidential residence, the two sides also announced more than 30 agriculture and investment agreements.

The deals include an agreement to export Argentine cherries to China.

President Macri suggests China's development can benefit many countries.

"I'm everyday more convinced that the more China develops, the better China does, the better Argentina, the Argentines, our region and the world will be because it has been proved as a great engine for the development of world's economy," Macri said.

For his part, Xi Jinping welcomes Argentina to export more quality products to China. He said: "Argentina is very famous for its high-quality agricultural products, such as wine, meat and fruits, which are finding a great reception among Chinese consumers. I'm sure they will keep on gaining a share in the Chinese market."

Ahead of their meeting, President Xi Jinping received Argentina's highest decoration, the Order of the Liberator General San Martin, from Macri.

Argentina is the second stop of the Chinese leader's ongoing overseas trip that will also take him to Panama and Portugal.

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