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CRI News60秒 2018-11-16

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Chinese Juncao technology is giving a boost to PNG's economy

One example is a new agricultural technology brought to PNG by Lin Zhanxi, a scientist with the Juncao Research Institute at Fujian Agricultural and Forestry University.

Lin invented the technology of growing Juncao, a kind of grass used to cultivate edible and medicinal fungi.

He succeeded in cultivating the grass in 1986 after several failed attempts.

"I feel like that I just found a new continent and people don't have to develop fungus industry by cutting down trees anymore," said Lin.

Juncao is not only used in planting and breeding, but also in ecological rehabilitation of soil erosion.

In 1996, officials from PNG visited Fujian Province and invited Lin Zhanxi to promote Juncao technology in their country. After field research, Lin thought that Juncao technology is suitable for local development.

"There is a region in PNG called Lou Island with a population of 50-thousand. Most local people wear leaves, and only a few could afford clothes. A vast area of land there abounds with Juncao but it was wasting away. As a scientist, I think local people are in need of Juncao," said Lin.

In 1997, Lin Zhanxi went to PNG and started an 8-year aid project.

Now, the technology has been listed as one of the most important projects for the next five years by the local government.

Lin Zhanxi said he is looking forward to the upcoming Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting in PNG.

"The participation of local villagers will promote the industry. China will offer them an aid project during the APEC. The project will become a model of international cooperation and sustainable development," said Lin.

Juncao technology has been listed as a project of UN Peace and Development Trust Fund and has been promoted to over 100 countries. It has become a key agricultural technology to achieve The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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