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AP News 一分钟新闻 2017-08-16


This is AP news minute.

1. President Donald Trump named and condemned the hate groups Monday and declared that "Racism is evil", in a far more forceful statement than he made earlier after the deadly race-fueled weekend clash in Charlottesville, Virginia. Trump came on fire for his comments Saturday that many side are to blame for the violence.

2. A man accused of ramming his car into a crowded counter-protesters in a wide nationalists rally in Virginia has been denied bond. James Alex Fields Jr. was given a court appointed attorney and will appear back in court August,25th, where he is charged with second degree murder and other counts.

3. A British cybersecurity researcher credited with helping curb a recent worldwide ransomware attack pleaded not guilty in Wisconsin federal court. Marcus Hutchins and an unnamed co-defendant, are accused of creating malicious software used to steal banking information three years ago.

4. And a SpaceX capsule rocked into the international space station, carrying tons of science experiments plus ice cream. Experiments make up most of the 6400 pounds of cargo, which should reach the orbiting lab earlier Wednesday.

Suzanne Yee Gaffney, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.

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