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AP News 一分钟新闻 2017-08-15

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This is AP news minute.

1. Three people are dead after a car rammed into crowded protesters and a helicopter crash into the woods Saturday, as tensions boiled over a white supremacist rally in Virginia. Dozens were injured after chaos erupted around what is believed to the largest group of white nationalists to come together in a decade, rallying against plans to remove a confederate statue in Charlottesville.

2. President Donald Trump blamed "many sides" for the violent clashes between protesters and white supremacists in Virginia, and asserted the hatred and bigotry across the country have taken root long before his political ascendancy. Trump spoke from his golf club house in New Jersey.

3. In Caracas, thousands of Venezuelan opposition supporters marched peacefully Saturday against the government of president Nicolas Maduro. Many in the march say they are against president Trump's talk of a potential military option to resolve their country's political crisis.

4. Hundreds of Iraqi civilians are fleeing the villages around Tal Afar daily, in anticipation of a government attack on one of the last towns under the control of Islamic State group in northern Iraq. Around 150 people arrived on Saturday at a collection point just west of Mosul, exhausted after a long strenuous journey.

Norreen Nasir, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.

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