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AP News 一分钟新闻 2016-12-23


This is AP news minute.

1. Germany has launched a Europe-wide manhunt for a Tunisian man, described as violent and armed and having ties to Islamic extremists. Authorities say the man is a suspect in the Berlin's Christmas attack. And he used at least six different names and three different nationalities.

2. Donald Trump declared Wednesday that the deadly truck attack on a Christmas market in Germany was "An attack on humanity". The president-elect spoke to reporters briefly ahead with a meeting with retired general Michael Flynn, his incoming Washington security advisor.

3. In New York, Nicolas Tartaglione, a retired police officer, is accused of killing four men who went missing during a suspected drug deal earlier this year. Authorities discovered the remains of four bodies on property linked to the suspect, who has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

4. Heavy snow blanketed Syria's embattled northern city of Aleppo on Wednesday. Footage captured by the Associated Press in western Aleppo showed Children and families playing in the cold and throwing snowballs on one another.

Krysta Fauria, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.

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