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AP News 一分钟新闻 2016-11-29


This is AP news minute.

1. Celebration turned to somber reflection in church services on Sunday, as Cuban Americans in Miami largely stayed off the streets. Thousands celebrated the day before, to mark the death of Fidel Castro.

2. Turkey's state run news agency says the Islamic State group used chemical weapons against Turkish-backed Syrian opposition fighters in northern Syria, wounding 22 people. The reports cited the statement by the chief general staff office.

3. Newly released drone footage shows the extended devastation caused by severe flooding and landslides in northwestern Italy. Hundreds of people have been displaced after days of torrential rainfall.

4. Cuban worshipers prayed for Fidel Castro on Sunday. A not-to leader who rejected the church and all things catholic after he took power in a revolution in 1959. Castro repressed the religion, seeing the church as a rival and heavily catholic country.

Krysta Fauria, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.

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