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AP News 一分钟新闻 2016-11-25

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This is AP news minute.

1. President-elect Donald Trump says he disavowed and condemned the outright movement in White Supremacists who claimed Trump's election boosted their agenda. Trump told the New York Times he doesn't want to energize such group.

2. Fire officials say say arsonists are blamed for many of the wildfire burning in the southeast and more are being lit each day. 44 uncontained fires are now covering more than 120,000 acres in several states.

3. Police north of Houston say a robbery suspect was killed when trying to hold up a chicken restaurant. An off-duty police officer, working security shot and killed the suspect. Two people in restaurant were wounded.

4. And heavy rain from hurricane Oddo is blamed for three death in Panama. The late season storm is expected to make landfall around the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border on Thursday.

Sandy Kozel, the Associated Press with AP News Minute.

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