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AP News一分钟新闻2014-12-14

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He was a mystery wrapped in sheep's clothing and an ill-fitting Christmas sweater until its owner came forward Tuesday night to reclaim the animal from its temporary digs at the Nebraska Humane Society. "He is just like my boy. I wanna dress him up. He's my baby. He does everything. He follows me everywhere." The house-trained sheep, named Gage, disappeared from the Vazquez Yard on Sunday, wandered an Omaha neighborhood and landed at the Human Society where he quickly endeered himself to the staff, if not the other animals. "He is lovely. He walks nicely on leash. He came in wearing his own wardrobe which is a first for us." The shelter put out word of the wandering sheep. And within hours, he was reunited with his family. "I let him do more things than I do my other animals." They say this was the first time Gage has gone on the lam and he'll be spending a lot more time indoors. "Yeah, he's my pride and joy."

Hannah Buchdahl, Associated Press.

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