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AP News一分钟新闻2014-12-13


This cannon was discovered in Detroit River back in July of 2011. And it was pulled from the river in October of the same year and since then it's been undergoing restoration. Now the cannon was underwater 200 years. And yet it had started to corrode; it was covered with accretions and zebra mussels and all of that.

We were just doing a routine train dive and it happened through an area that we, we've basically covered hundreds of times before. And it just so happened on that day the conditions were just perfect, the visibility was perfect, and I see it lying out there in the sand. Oh, it's exciting indeed for the team to have it here displayed. We all really brought a little history back to the city of Detroit. We all have an opportunity to bring our kids here, our grandkids here, and it will always be displayed here for people to see.

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