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VOA慢速英语:Threat of New Civil War in Mozambique?

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04 November, 2013

From VOA Learning English, welcome to As It Is!

I'm Steve Ember.

Today we tell about concerns over a possible return to war in Mozambique -- after many years of peace.

Next, we visit farms that grow right out of cities across the United States. And we learn how these farms can have an effect on troubled neighborhoods.

Finally, we tell about Election Day in the United States.

But first, we turn to what experts are saying about the situation in the southern African nation of Mozambique.

ECO City Farms is an educational, non-profit organization in Prince George's County, Maryland. It seeks to empower the community by teaching economic development, job training and a healthier way of living.

Fresh produce turns into a feast at Eco City Farms. (Rosanne Skirble/VOA)

The group has set up farms near automobile repair businesses and fast food stores in urban neighborhoods.

Social activist Margaret Morgan Hubbard founded ECO City Farms. She says the lack of fresh produce is a major health problem for children and their families who live in nearby Bladensburg, Maryland.

"What's critical is that 70 percent of the people in these towns and in Price George's County are either overweight, obese or have diabetes or other kinds of diet-related ailments because they don't have access to healthy food."

ECO City Farms offer several programs, including educational activities on agriculture, food and finding jobs with environmentally friendly businesses. People can also learn how to cook healthier foods and teach others how to prepare meals.

On a recent day, Philip Sidibe demonstrated his cooking skills. He prepared Aloco, a popular food in Cameroon, where he grew up.

"For the plantains you've got to cut them in slices and then you've got to fry them."

He and other young people not only cook their food -- they also grow it in a large garden next to the Autumn Woods Apartments. The apartments are home to one thousand people, but the community has just one small store.

Margaret Morgan Hubbard says the urban garden is an agent for change and the young people are its newest supporters.

"Our program is about planting seeds, not just in the ground, but in other human beings so that the movement can grow"

She says this means not only farming food, but also making that food available to people who live in the community.

I'm Christopher Cruise.

It's As It Is in VOA Learning English. I'm Steve Ember.

Tuesday is Election Day in the United States. Americans are going to polling or voting stations this year to elect mainly state and local officials. Voters will have to wait until next year to elect all members of the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate. That vote is called a midterm election. Americans will have to wait until 2016 to vote for a president and vice president.

Most positions sought by state and municipal candidates on Election Day 2013 deal with local, not national issues. Candidates have spoken at political campaign events and fairs, and even used social media to present their messages.

As you would expect, each message usually says its candidate will do a far better job than their opponent.

And that's our program for today. As It Is is a production of VOA Learning English.

Steve Ember, here campaigning for your vote. Of course, we'll just accept your comments on our web site, if you'd prefer. We'll see you next time.

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