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From NPR News in Washington, I’m Lakshmi Singh.
Chicago mayor, Richard M. Delhi says he will not see career election next year. The 68-year-old Delhi has been mayor since 1989, following a special election after the death of mayor, Herat Washington. Delhi’s father, Richard J. Delhi died at age 74 for a heart attack while still in office. We have more from NPR’s David Shepard.
Family is very important to Mayor Richard M. Delhi as he was to bury Richard J. Delhi. He is said to close friends to confidence and into some others for a long time that he did not want to be a mayor for life that he did not want to stay in the office. And I think in the background, he must be thinking that he did not want the job to kill him. He did not want to die in the office, the way his father did after 21 years in that same office, in that same chair.
NPR’s David Shepard reporting from Chicago.
Herminie, barely a tropical storm is drenching south and central Texas with hopeless rains, but causing very little damage. NPR’s John Brenate covering the storm.
I’m standing here in central Austin under an umbrella while I can look out to see classical raid tropical cyclone clouds rotating count-clockwise in still field gusty wind. Herminie is about to lose her name if it demoted to a lonely tropical depression. The unexpected storm made landfall in northeastern Mexico late last night and road across the rear round the Texas. The storm system is expected to continue with north westly across, all the way into Oklahoma and Kansas. Herminie watered the rich citrics field and huge pastors of the storm ranches in south Texas, have no significant flooding has been reported. John Brenate, NPR News, Austin.

HP is suing its former chief executive Mark Herd to stop him from working for HP’s competitor, Oracle. HP argues Herd could divert trade secrets.
A general strike hobbled public transport and slowed down business in France today. Alleno Bills reports there were large turn outs for demonstration across the country to protest President Nicola Sarkozy’s pension reform plans.
Chanting “Sarko if you only knew what will do if you reform,” tens of thousands of people marched down Paris’s boulevards most of the afternoon. People here say Sarlozy’s reform is unfair because it would raise the retirement age from 60 to 62 for everyone, even though he starts to work as young as 16. Garchertonwa, who works at the Bound the France says there are other ways to save the French pension system.
"We just want a fair reform. When you have worked for sufficiently long, you can get a decent pension.”
French Unions are hoping the demonstrations across the country will send a message the French government can not ignore. But Sarkozy has said he will not back down on raising the retirement age. From NPR News, I’m Alleno Bills in Paris.
Dow’s down more than 100 points in last check at 10,341.
This is NPR.
The pastor in Florida church says his congregation still plans to burn copies of the Koran at the end of anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks, as a message that Americans will not fear Islamist extremists. Today, White House spokesman, Robert Gives said American lives could be in danger.
"That type of activities has been transferred back to police like Afghanistan where general Patraeus, obviously who is our commander, as he said to protect our troops in harmest way."
Yesterday, several hundred people were protesting in Kabul and chanted "death to America." Two American soldiers have been killed in Iraq. In a statement, the military says the troops were gunned down by someone wearing an Iraqi army uniform. They were the first US military death since President Obama ended combat operations in that country.
The recipients of this year’s Kennedy Center honors were announced this morning in Washington. NPR’s Nedal Wolobee has details.
The Kennedy Center has apparently made up with Paul McCartney. He was selected before in 2002 but made Kennedy Center history by declining to attend the ceremony in favor of his family wedding. McCartney would be honored this year alongside Broadway composer, Jerry Herman, who had knocked the Beatles off the top of the popture in1964 with the tune from a musical. Herman also composed the musical scores for Main and Makarsher Folk. Other honorees, include the dancer choreographer Billty Jones, TT host Oper Winfery, and the original ogy from the sgogy, the country star Meralharger. The honors will be broadcast on December 28th. Nedal Wolobee, NPR News.
This is NPR.

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