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AP News一分钟新闻2010-09-09

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This is AP News Minute.
Investigators looking into what went wrong in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill are steps closer to the answer now that a key piece of evidence has secured aboard a boat. Engineers have lifted the damaged blowout  preventer from beneath sea and they are getting their first chance to look at the failed device up close.
Torrential rains from a tropical depression have caused mudslides in Guatemala that have killed dozens of people. One landslide partially buried a bus killing 12 people.
Jetblue flight attendant Steven Slater's big exit last month was for good. His lawyer says he had resigned from his job. Slater gained infamy after jumping down a plane's emergency slide. The airline will only say he  is no longer an employee. Slater still faces criminal charges.
Sixty-nine people in Mexico has made it into the Guinness World  Record book. Sunday they set a new record for the greatest number of people simultaneously lassoing. The group twirled their ropes for nearly three minutes.
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