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BBC News:科学家研制出触觉敏感人造皮肤

中英对照 听力原文

1.redundancy n.过多,过剩,多余

例句:Redundancy notices have been sent to 200 workers.
      200 名工人接到了裁员通知。

2.thriving adj.兴旺的, 旺盛的, 繁荣的, 欣欣向荣的

例句:With the establishment of major new markets, the economy is thriving.

3.encounter vt.遇见,邂逅,会战

例句:On their way home they encountered another gentleman.

4.resume vt.vi.重新开始; 重新获得;重新占用;恢复,重返

例句:We'll stop now and resume at two o'clock.
      我们现在停下来, 到两点再干。

5.destabilise vt.破坏政府的稳定

6.depart vi.离开; 出发; 开出

例句:He departed early in the morning.

7.illegitimate adj.法律不容的,非法的

8.pretext n.借口; 托辞

例句:He used his headache as a pretext for not going to school.

9.standby adj.随时准备行动;处于待命状态

例句:The emergency services were put on standby after a bomb warning.

10.versatile adj.有多种学问、技能或职业的; 多才多艺的

例句:A versatile person is often good at a number of different things.

11.artificial adj.人造的, 人工的, 假的

例句:The new dam will form a large artificial lake behind it.


BBC News with Kathy Clugston

Cuba has announced plans to lay off huge numbers of state employees in the biggest shift to the private sector since the revolution in 1959. The Cuban labour federation said half a million jobs would go by March, and the total redundancies could exceed a million, one in five of all Cuban workers. James Read reports.

古巴政府宣布解雇大量政府职员,这是自1959年革命以来私营部门最大的变革。古巴劳工联盟表示,截止到三月份,将裁掉50万个工作岗位,总共的裁员人数将超过100万,大约占古巴所有劳工人数的五分之一。James Read报道。

President Raul Castro had already signaled that he wanted to reduce the role of the state to tackle a deep crisis in Cuba's socialist economy, but the scale and speed of the job cuts are much greater than had been expected. A minority of Cubans already work for themselves, and there is a thriving black economy. But the private sector will have to expand hugely to create enough new jobs. In a country famous for its revolution, this is a dramatic change of course.


Reports from Washington say the US administration is expected to announce an arms deal with Saudi Arabia worth $60 billion. The deal, which would be the largest-ever US arms sale, would include advanced fighter jets and military helicopters. Paul Adams reports from Washington.

来自华盛顿的报道称,预期美国政府将宣布与沙特阿拉伯达成价值600亿美元的武器协议。该协议是美国有史以来最大的武器销售记录,将包括高级战斗机和军用直升机。Paul Adams在华盛顿报道

The United States and Saudi Arabia had been in negotiations for months, and it seems the fruits of those discussions will be announced in the coming days. Off the record, officials say the deal will include 84 new F-15 fighter jets and around 140 Apache and Black Hawk helicopters. The administration is unlikely to encounter much opposition to the sale of weaponry to a traditional ally and will probably argue that it's all part of a strategy to bolster friendly Arab governments in the face of growing strategic threats from Iran.


A day before Middle East peace talks resume in Egypt, a group representing Jewish settlers in the occupied Palestinian territories has threatened to destabilise the Israeli government. The Yesha Council said it would withdraw its support for Benjamin Netanyahu's right-wing coalition if it continued to prevent the building of new homes in the territories. Naftali Bennett is a spokesman for settlers in Ra'anana in central Israel.

中东和平对话在埃及重新开始前一天,代表被占领的巴勒斯坦领土上的犹太人定居者的组织威胁称将动摇以色列政府。耶沙委员会表示,如果以色列继续阻止在西岸建筑定居点,他们将撤出对内塔尼亚胡右翼联盟的支持。Naftali Bennett是以色列中部Ra'anana定居者发言人。

"If Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government decide to depart and weaken this iron wall that we are building under the mountain range of Judea-Samaria, that means they no longer represent the Israeli public, and therefore it's an illegitimate government."


A partial moratorium on Israeli settlement building is due to expire in under two weeks. The Palestinians say they will walk out of new peace talks if settlement construction resumes.


The software giant Microsoft is changing the way it operates in Russia in response to reports that the Kremlin is using anti-piracy laws as a pretext for police raids on human rights groups and non-governmental organizations. Microsoft's general counsel Brad Smith said the firm would create a new software licence for Russian NGOs in order to prevent what he described as "nefarious actions taken in the guise of anti-piracy enforcement". There has been no response yet from the Russian authorities.

有报道称,克里姆林宫以反盗版法为借口,使警方得以袭击人权组织和非政府组织,软件巨头微软公司改变了在俄罗斯的运营方式。微软首席法律顾问布拉德•史密斯(Brad Smith)表示,该公司将为俄罗斯非政府组织开发一种新的软件通行证,以避免他所说的“以反盗版为掩护的不法行为”。目前,俄罗斯当局还没有任何回应。

World News from the BBC


A Nigerian man accused of trying to blow up a transatlantic flight last December has sacked the defence team at his trial in Detroit. The man, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, also asked the judge what the legal procedures would be were he to want to plead guilty to some of the charges. James Reynolds reports from Washington.

被指控去年12月份在跨大西洋航班上实施爆炸的尼日利亚男子在底特律的审判中解雇了自己的辩护团队。阿卜杜勒穆塔拉布还向法官咨询,如果他希望对某些指控请求无罪需要怎样的司法程序。James Reynolds在华盛顿报道。

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab appeared in court in Detroit in front of US District Court Judge Nancy Edmunds. Mr Abdulmutallab asked the judge to let him fire his lawyers. He said they were not representing his interests. The judge told him that this would be unwise, but she allowed him to do so. She also ordered the appointment of a standby lawyer who will be able to advise him but not represent him. The defendant is next expected to appear in court in mid-October.

阿卜杜勒穆塔拉布在底特律法庭上接受了美国州地方法院法官Nancy Edmunds的审判。法官告诉他,这是非常不明智的,但是她允许他这么做。她还下令备用律师为他提供建议,而不是代表他。预期,被告下次将于12月中旬出庭。

The Muslim cleric behind plans to build an Islamic cultural centre not far from the site of the 9/11 attacks on New York says he's considering all options in the question of its location. Speaking to the US Council on Foreign Relations, the cleric, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, said the centre would promote religious tolerance and do honour to New York.

筹备在纽约9.11袭击遗址附近建立伊斯兰文化中心的穆斯林牧师说,他正在考虑选址的所有选择。在美国外交关系委员会发表讲话时,伊玛目Feisal Abdul Rauf说,该中心将促进宗教包容,并体现对纽约的尊重。

At least 33 people are reported to have survived when a Venezuelan airliner on an internal flight crashed near the city of Puerto Ordaz. The local governor said 14 bodies had been found, but four people were still listed as missing. The plane, an ATR-42, belonged to Venezuela's state airline Conviasa.


Engineers in the United States say they've created a cheaper and more versatile form of artificial skin, which is almost as sensitive as the human kind. The teams at Berkeley and Stanford universities say the new skin could give robots and artificial limbs the ability to detect small changes in texture and temperature. The new materials consist of pressure sensors built into or under flexible rubber sheets, which could be easily wrapped around robotic instruments.


BBC News

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