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From NPR News in Washington, I'm Lakshmi Singh.

BP says early test results from its blown-out well in the Gulf of Mexico are not calls for a ? but are calls for celebration, either. Scientists have been spending days studying what's happening in the well. Now that the flow oil has stopped. NPR's Richard Harris has the latest.

The test was designed to build pressure up inside the wells of BP can evaluate what shape is in. The pressure results fallen to a great area not lowest to be alarming but not high enough to be completely reassuring. So it will take more analysis yet before BP and the government decide whether to leave the well shut or whether to open it up again. If valves are open more oil will spill into the Gulf of Mexico until BP can gear up production on oil collecting ships. That will probably take several days. BP has surveyed the sea floor for any signs of oil leakage around the well and through the settlement. They say they have not ? anything of concern. Richard Harris, NPR News.

The federal government is counting the largest medicare fraud bust in US history. Attorney General Eric Holder: 94 people in 5 cities have been charged for their participation in schemes to submit more than 251 million dollars in false medicare claims. As at this morning at least 36 people were arrested during rates.

Utah's identifying at least two state workers accused of unlawfully creating a list of reported illegal immigrants. Governor Gary ? says the government employees use confidential data to draft a list of 1,300 people, some of whom were confirmed not be at illegal status. But the names were distributed to long enforcement officials and news rooms and spot widespread fear in the Latina communities. Employees have been placed on administrative leave.

Eastern European economies are bouncing back from financial crisis faster than their western European counterparts. Terry Shelts reports from Brussels on new World Bank figure showing the first period of growth since 2008. The European Union's eastern economies grew by an average of 0.8% in the first quarter of this year. That's up from a 2.1% slump in the last quarter of 2009. The western EU states posted a rise of 0.6%. The World Bank warns the growth is uneven. Half of the ? to European members actually continue to decline economically. But a strong surge in others was notably Poland and ? brought up the average. Next year's forecast puts the eastern economies on an even faster track. They are expected to grow by 3.6%. More than doubled figures that is for the western EU. For NPR News, I'm Terry Shelts in Brussels.

Mix economic news out today leads to a down were ? US stocks. Last check on Wall Street Dow Jones Industrial Average down 261 points at 10,098, NASDAQ down 70 at 2,179.

You are listening to NPR News.

Military officials in Mexico have announced that an explosion in the border city of ? yesterday was indeed a car bomb. NPR's Jason Bobien has more from Mexico City.

Car bombs are not general even part of the notorious brutal Mexican drug cartel arsenals until now. Spokesman for the Mexican military ? says they found residue of roughly 10 kilos of C4 at the site of Thursday's explosion. Officials say a queen 4 focus ramps to federal police vehicles and then exploded. The attack in a busy intersection ? killed two policeman in a paramedic. It also left seven other officers, 3 paramedics and TV cameramen injured. The military spokesman says the explosives were wired to a cell phone and set off remotely some time after the collision. The ? cartel claimed responsibility for the bombing saying it was a reprisal for the arrest hours earlier of one of their top leaders. Jason Bobien NPR News, Mexico City.

South California is bracing for thunderstorms and lightening strikes that ? start dozens of fires yesterday. They included a 970-acre blaze in the river ? that's temporary sank ?. National weather services also issued an excessive heat warning through Sunday that could make firefighting efforts more challenging.

It's been nearly 12 hours but Washington area residents are still talking about the earthquake this morning that many initially mistook for a passing truck or train or something. It was magnitude 3.6 just a joke compared to what California gets but quite rare for the east coast region and no, there were no immediate reports if damage or injuries.

I'm Lakshmi Singh, NPR News.

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