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CNN News:英石油CEO将于10月卸任

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31年来,柬埔寨人民意志等待将他们的领袖Khmer Rouge绳之以法。现在国际刑事法庭对前红色高棉领袖康克由作出了里程碑式的首次判决。他经营着一个叫做S-21的集中营,相当于波布尔特政权一半的力量。据称超过14,000人在康克由领导的这所前学校内被折磨致死。今天他被发现践踏人权,被判处35年监禁,尽管他已经服刑19年。

俄罗斯的合资公司秋明-BP(TNK-BP)一名官员官员告诉CNN,作为海沃德辞职福利的一部分,他将在TNK-BP类似的公司获得领导者或顾问的职位。我们了解到,今晚东部时间午夜过后,也就是伦敦时间明天早上,BP公司将宣布该公司管理层的变动,同时宣布公司上季度的赢利状况。预期海沃德将离职,而前Amoco职员,现美国BP高级官员达德利(Robert Dudley)将接任英石油CEO。

Jim Dar在他印第安纳家中的前院拍摄了龙卷风的视频。Scott Williams和他的家人躲避在地下室。在视频中,你可以看到屋顶被从房屋上撕裂下来。现在又是缓慢前行,龙卷风袭击了房屋,乌云冲向几百英尺的高空。Williams刚刚在这所房屋中居住了一年,他说,他的房子几乎完全被毁了。


Well, we would like to see this material, the revelations that this material gives be taken seriously, investigated by governments, and new policies put in place as a result. If not, prosecutions of those people who have committed abuses, this means, it's important to understand this material doesn’t just reveal abuses, this material describes past six years of war.

The Cambodian people have been waiting more than 31 years to bring the leaders of the Khmer Rouge to justice. Today, a milestone verdict, the first conviction in an International War Crimes trial, that's of Kaing Guek Eav, alias comrade Duch, who ran a secret torture camp called S-21 of the half of Pol Pot's Regime. It's thought more than 14,000 people were tortured to death inside this former school building that Kaing Guek Eav presided over. Today he was found guilty of crimes against humanity in war crimes and sentenced to 35 years in prison, although he will only serve some 19 years.

A BP-TNK official tells CNN that as part of Hayward's severance package, he may be offered a number of directorships or consultant positions at jointly-owned BP oil ventures like TNK-BP. And we understand that an announcement will be made with respect to a management change at BP late tonight, after midnight tonight Eastern Time, which is tomorrow morning London time, when BP releases its quarterly earnings. The expectation is that Tony Hayward will be out, Bob Dudley, Robert Dudley, formerly of Amoco and the senior man for BP in the United States will take over as the CEO of BP.

Get inside!

Jim Dar shot this video of the tornado from the front yard of his Indiana home, just one mile away. Scott Williams and his family took cover in their basement. In this video, you can actually see what appears to be the roof as it’s torn off the house. Here it is again in slow motion, the tornado hits the house, a black cloud then explodes hundreds of feet into the air. Williams, who's only lived in the house for about one year, says his home is almost complete lost.

She rocked from ceiling and a lot of glass from, glass we had, cups we had, in the cabinets.

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