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CNN News;美国务卿向朝鲜发出警告

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As long as the North Korean leadership takes a different choice, continuing defiance, provocation and belligerence, it will continue to suffer the consequences. Let me stress that these measures are not directed at the people of North Korea, who have suffered too long due to the misguided and malign priorities of their government, they are directed at the destabilizing, illicit and provocative policies pursued by that government.

This reform will help foster innovation, not hamper.  It is designed to make sure that everybody follows the same set of rules, so that firms compete on price and quality, not on tricks and not on traps.  It demands accountability and responsibility from everyone. It provides certainty to everybody from bankers to farmers to business owners to consumers. And unless your business model depends on counting corners or bilking your customers, you've got nothing to fear from a reform.

A lot of other people now rallying behind you, people who had abandoned you at the beginning. If the agriculture secretary were to come to you and say, Shirley, we'd like to have you back, what would you say?

You know, I'm just not so sure at this point. I really wonder, in light of how I was treated over the last two days, just what that relationship would be like for the future. Can they move beyond this?

He put up a good fight, but he ended up coming right to boat, swam right to the boat when I set the hook on him. We both grabbed hold of the net and that took us an probable half hour to get him in the boat cuz he is so heavy.

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