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CNN News:英国谴责释放洛克比空难爆炸者

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这里来自英国驻美国大使的态度。施恩瓦尔德(Nigel Sheinwald)说,看,英国新政府——他强调的是“新”政府——很清楚,迈格拉希的获释是一个错误决定。但是声明中还有另外有趣的两点。第一,坚决否认利比亚和英国石油公司之间存在不正当的交易,否认释放该囚犯是为了换取英国石油公司获得利比亚的石油合同。最后,该决定不是英国政府的决定,而是苏格兰法官处于同情将其释放,因为迈格拉希患有前列腺癌。



There is no doubt that we have made progress as a consequence of this new cap fitting on and  that even if it turns out that we can't keep the containment cap on to completely stop the oil,  it is going on to allow us to capture much more oil and we will see less oil flow into the gulf. We won't be done until we actually know that we've killed the well and that we have a permanent solution in place we will move in that direction but I don't want us to get too far ahead of ourselves.

This is from the UK ambassador to the United States. Sir Nigel Sheinwald saying that, look, the new British government, he stresses NEW, is clear that Megrahi’s release was a mistake. Two interesting things also added to the statement. One, categorically deny there was any kind of a rotten business deal struck between Libya and BP, and the whole prisoner exchange in order that BP could get favorable treatment from Libya on an oil deal, and lastly that this decision was not the British government’s to make but that it was a Scottish Judiciary that decided to release al-Megrahi on compassionate grounds, because he had prostate cancer.

5000 people arrested with raids across a whole handful of Asian countries involving 10 million dollars of being seized. This is the third such operation that Interpol has presided over connected to betting illegal gambling. Specifically, this time illegal gambling on the Soccer World Cup. In China alone, they carried out 322 raids, they said the amount of bets involved totally more than 53 million dollars, in Malaysia the total amounts of bets involved was 100 million dollars. There were 28 raids in Singapore and in Thailand 186 raids with a total number of arrests of 2894.

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