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CNN News:利比亚救援船只在埃及停靠

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悬挂摩尔多瓦国旗的希望号船只由利比亚航空组织发起,试图向加沙地带运输2,000吨救援物资。该船船长同意在埃及el-Arish港口停靠后,避免了一场海上冲突。埃及当局同意船只在此停靠,并同意帮助他们卸货。埃及当局将负责船只的停靠,卸货,以及这些物资从埃及到加沙的运输,送往Kerem Abu Salem检查点,货物在到达加沙之前将在这里接受以色列官员的检查。


Well, what we were doing the final preparations, is getting all the equipment in place, going through the plans one last time, in parallel with that, the government scientific group was also reviewing the plans and they raised a couple of issues which the National Interest Commander Admiral Allen felt it was worth putting the test on hold for 24 hours while we address those concerns. The risk through all this process is that somehow flow escapes outside of the casing. That's something we don't want to occur because we never want to take any action which could make things worse. So that's why it's so important to get this test right.

This video is a glimpse of Faisal Shahzad's mind before he tried to bomb New York's Times Square. It's a piece of evidence that shows indeed there was a connection between Faisal Shahzad and the Pakistani Taliban. The video surfaced today and was first obtained and broadcast by al-Arabiya. This video shows there is a connection between the Pakistani Taliban and Faisal Shahzad in this New York Times Square bombing, but I think we still don't know if the Taliban went to Faisal Shahzad, if they went out and recruited him, or if he came to the Taliban, these are two very different concerns for Washington.

A confrontation at sea has been averted after the captain of the Moldovan flag ship, the Amalthea which was been sponsored by a Libyan Air organization trying to get 2000 tons of relief supplies to Gaza, agreed to dock at the Egyptian port of El Arish. Egyptian authorities have agreed to let it dock and will help in unloading that shipment. Egyptian authorities will facilitate its docking, unloading, and transshipment of those goods from Egypt to Gaza, fired the Kerem Abu Salem crossing, where the goods will be inspected by Israeli officials before they get to Gazan.

Well, Bristol and Levi are opening up in a new issue of Us Weekly confirming that they are engaged. Levi proposed two weeks ago and the craziest part is that Sarah Palin doesn't even know. Bristol moved out of her parents' home to her own condo in Anchorage. They got a little more accustomed to parenting. As they got a custody plan, they've been started spending a lot more time together and then realized they wanted to reunite. Levi tells the new issue of Us Weekly that he has apologized. He said that he made up a lot of the hurtful words he said earlier publicly. So, it does sound like their relationship is certainly on the mend.

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