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We're all watching, hoping today turns out to be the beginning of the end of this economic and environmental disaster. About a mile beneath where I'm standing right now, they're running diagnostic tests of the well. If everything turns out well, they will try to close that well in. And if the well can take the pressure, then they will successfully cap this well for the first time since this disaster began.  So, that test they're wanting today is going to be all-important to determine if they can close that well, if they can stop that oil, and if they can keep it contained until they drilled those relief wells that could be online in a couple of weeks.

Mr. Amiri disappeared about a year ago, actually in June, 2009 in Saudi Arabia. And for this whole time the Iranians have claimed that he was abducted by the CIA. The U.S. had maintained that he was not abducted.

Mr. Amiri has been in the United States of his own free will, and he is free to go. In fact, he was scheduled to travel to Iran yesterday, but was unable to make all of the necessary arrangements to reach Iran through transit countries. In contrast, Iran continues to hold three young Americans against their will and we reiterate our request that they be released and allowed to return to their families on a humanitarian basis.

Possibly a third bomb could have gone off or a third attack could have gone off, already the death toll here in Uganda is 74, they are scores in Dustan. And there is a developing...the story is in fact developing, that bar is encumbering, in fact, they found a device inside the bar and also outside the bar, a separate device. So, possibly two separate devices, one of the police says it's a suicide vest that could have been exploded late Sunday night and we could expect the death toll to rise and watching loved ones that the hospital took down the road, try to find out what happened to the relatives and not all of the people have been accounted for. At least 35 still missing from these deadly suicide attacks here in Kampala.

We can’t say, I’m not worried, but it is not a question of worry, we have been at all. As you know, in this region, we already, are in the storm, for a long, for decades we've been fighting.

Yankees' owner George Steinbrenner is being remembered as a giant in the world of sports, a self-confessed tough boss. Steinbrenner died today after a massive heart attack. He had just turned 80 on July 4th. Steinbrenner bought the Yankees in 1973 and was the longest tenured owner in Major League Baseball. The team won seven World Series titles under his ownership.

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