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CNN News:亚利桑那州新移民法遭起诉

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你知道,联邦政府正在起诉亚利桑那州政府,希望制止他们严厉的新移民法。该法律中包括,要求警察质问他们认为非法在美国逗留的人。预期从明天开始,三周之后该法律将生效。司法部主要是说:“亚利桑那,等一等,你不能制定自己的移民法,因为那时华盛顿的工作。”州长Jan Brewer表示,这就是问题所在。因为华盛顿没有履行自己的责任,亚利桑那州为此付出了代价。


Brewer州长表示,司法部反对这部法律是浪费纳税人的钱,他们应该将这些钱花在打击边境地区的墨西哥暴力贩毒组织。司法部对该法律的抱怨或许符合宪法规定,但是其他批评家称,这将导致种族歧视。CNN记者Casey Wian为我们详细分析一下支持和反对该法律的人的看法。

自亚利桑那州州长Jan Brewer签署这部由争议的法律,扩大当地警察的职权范围,要求他们打击非法移民和他们的雇主的时候,白宫的司法挑战似乎就是不可避免的。经过了12周的抗议,抵制和威胁之后,司法部在S.B. 1070号移民法7月29日生效之前对其提起上诉,阻止这部法律的实施。司法部长霍德尔(Eric Holder)在一份声明中表示,制定移民政策,实施移民法是全国的责任。通过一系列州政府法律拼凑起来处理该问题,产生的新问题要多于所解决的问题。亚利桑那州法律的支持者表示,联邦政府制造了问题,却未能解决全国的非法移民危机。一位直言不讳的亚利桑那州郡治安官表示,他的副手们不会由于州法律被联邦法庭制止而停止逮捕可疑的非法移民。


该法律迫使当地警方有权合法地制止,拘留和逮捕他们合理地怀疑为非法移民的人,检查他们的移民身份。Brewer在一份声明中表示,“实际情况是,亚利桑那州的法律是合理的,是符合宪法规定的。这实质上反映了多年来美国的联邦法律。”奥巴马政府的诉讼没有解决拉丁美洲拥护者和民权组织声称的S.B. 1070号移民法会导致种族歧视,违法所有移民的合法权利的指控。这些组织也在起诉亚利桑那州。

Well, you knew it was coming: the Feds suing Arizona, trying to stop its tough new immigration law. The law that among other things requires police to question people they think might be in the country illegally. It's supposed to kick in three weeks from tomorrow. The Justice Department basically says "Hold on, Arizona. You can't make your own immigration laws because that's Washington's job." Well, Governor Jan Brewer says that that's the problem. Washington has not done its job and Arizona is paying the price.

"We need the federal government to do their job. And if they don't do it, then Arizona will."

So Governor Brewer says that the DOJ is wasting taxpayer money fighting this law, that it should use the money to fight the violent Mexican drug cartels that've bled over the border.  The DOJ's beef with the law might be constitutional but other critics say it will encourage racial profiling.  CNN's Casey Wian takes a look at who's fighting the law and who's fighting for it.

From the moment Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a controversial law expanding local police powers to crack down on illegal immigrants and their employers, a White House legal challenge seemed inevitable.  Following 12 weeks of protests, boycotts and threats, the Justice Department is suing to block SB 1070 before it takes effect July 29th.  Attorney General Eric Holder said in a statement, Setting immigration policy and enforcing immigration laws is a national responsibility. Seeking to address the issue through a patchwork of state laws will only create more problems that it solves.  Supporters of Arizona's law say the Federal Government has created the problem, with its failure to solve the nation's illegal immigration crisis. One outspoken Arizona sheriff says his deputies won't stop arresting suspected illegal immigrants because previous state laws have been upheld by Federal courts.

Lawsuits are no lawsuits, I'm going to continue enforcing the Federal and State immigration laws.

The law compels local police during a lawful stop, detention or arrest to check the immigration status of people they reasonably suspect are illegal immigrants.  Brewer said in a statement, "The truth is the Arizona law is both reasonable and constitutional. It mirrors substantially what has been federal law in the United States for many decades." The Obama administration's lawsuit does not address claims by Latino advocacy and civil rights groups that SB 1070 will encourage racial profiling and violations of all immigrants' civil rights. Those groups are suing Arizona as well.

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