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CNN News:美任职最长参议员去世

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我亲密的朋友,我的导师之一,罗伯特·伯德(Robert C. Byrd)今天去世了。美国参议院损失了一名元老,但是西佛吉尼亚州也失去了最有力






...very close friend of mine ,one of my mentors, Robert C. Byrd, he passed away today. He was the, we lost a dean of the United States Senate, but also the State of West Virginia lost its most fierce advocate, and as I said, I lost a dear friend. From his 51 years, the longest ten-year running member of the Congress of this United Stetes,  Robert C. Byrd was a tough, compassionate and outspoken leader and dedicated above all else to making / life better for the people of the Mountain State, his state, the  state of West Virginia. He never lost sight of home.

The country cannot carpet the oiled well. How can they stockpile thousands of atomic bombs inside the US, and in the countries like Belgium, Germany, Italy , Japan and else room of the world US is suspicious, how can be a start by olders, how can they protect them? Now that the major part of humany is in danger , danger of mis-management of US officials and other, stockpile bombs, they can never use them.

What I would like to suggest the mayor as though take those millions of dollars the city spent, allegationer continues to suspend allegation, use that to improve education system in the city of Chicago,use that to antisan employers to bring worthwhile jobs in the city of Chicago.

To, those who would prey upon the citizen, of the city of Chicago to the criminals. I would like to say that Chicago crime buffet is over. We are not pray.

I believe that fair-minded people will find her judicial philosophy well within the legal mainstream. I welcome questions to Solicitor General Kagan about judicial independence, but minorities and senators, let us both sides to be fair, there is no basis to question her integrity, and no one should presume that this intelligent woman who has excelld during every part of her varied distinguished career, lacks independency,and accentually juditial nominees understanding is judges. They are not members of any administration.

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