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CNN News:房屋贷款机构采取新措施

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是的,你想到它的时候就会觉得非常大。你知道,业主和潜在的购房者希望为房屋融资时有三个选择。可以是房利美(Fannie Mae),房贷美(Freddie Mac)或者联邦房屋贷款管理局(Federal Home Loan Administration,FHA)。他们占据去年美国贷款购房提供资金的95%。

所以,我的意思是说,很明显,这里必须很大。必须能够影响数百万人。房利美(Fannie Mae)为什么这样做呢?



也就是说,实际上,他们可以支付,但是他们选择使自己更加轻松,所以直接放弃房屋,这就是问题。这就是房利美(Fannie Mae)希望制止的现象。


稍后我们将来分析这一点。那么,房利美(Fannie Mae)作出该决定将产生什么后果呢?






This seems pretty big. What is this all about?

Yes. It's huge when you really think about it. You know, really, homeowners or potential home buyers have about three options when you're looking at financing a home. It's Fannie Mae, it's Freddie Mac or the Federal Home Loan Administration, which is FHA. They do about 95 percent of the houses that were financed last year.

So, I mean that, so, clearly it has to be big. And it has to be impacting millions of people. Why is Fannie Mae doing this?

Well, the main thing is because of strategic defaulters. They really want to get the people that are walking away from their homes. And the strategic defaulters are someone that abandons their property. They say that not because they can't make the payment, but because the house is underwater, because they owe more in the house than the house is actually worth. And they make a decision to walk away.

And so, they really want these people to hold up to their responsibility and really settle it, you know, in good faith.

So, they can technically pay but they're opting to kind of get the easy out, is the problem, and that's what they want them to stop.

Yeah, and they got different situations. About 10 million people or more are actually underwater right now in the U.S. in their homes. So, it's a hard situation. It's hard to tell exactly whose situation is what and why they're actually walking away.

And I want to get into that in a second. But what is the potential fallout here of this one decision by Fannie Mae?

I mean, it's going to hurt millions of people that potentially could qualify for a house three or four years down the road but they can't because of this action. So, it's going to hurt a lot of people.

Also, I mean, you're thinking about, really, we need a boost in the housing market right now. This just seems a little bit counterproductive to what the president has been trying to do for the last three years in stabilizing the housing market. And so, you've got that issue.

So, there are several things that you really have to look at as far as the impact. You know, they really want people to, instead, you know, do a short sale, talk to them, do a deed and lose. So, they want to look at other options instead of just walking away.

They're trying to incentivize you to look for a different avenue ...


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