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CNN NEWS:底特律计划提升高中毕业率

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ALLAN CHERNOFF,CNN资深记者:Fredricka,我现在在底特律的基石学校。实际上,底特律共有三所这样的教育机构,一个是独立的——就是现在这一个。另外两所属于公立学校系统。






CLARK DURANT,基石学校创立者:我们说,除了学生之外,你们也有责任。我们希望你们能够参加教师和家长会议。我们希望你了解学生的家庭作业完成情况。


ALLAN CHERNOFF, CNN SENIOR CORRESPONDENT: Fredricka, I'm at the Cornerstone Schools here in Detroit. There are actually three of these institutions within Detroit, one independent -- this one -- and then there are two that are part of the public school system.

But at all of these schools the students are excelling. Virtually all of them go on to graduate high school. They test well above the grade average. But they don't teach to test here. They actually have a very holistic approach to teaching -- ethics, morals, very, very important, music and the arts.

In fact, beginning in kindergarten these kids begin learning Chinese. Can you believe that? Now compare the situation here with what's going on at the Detroit public schools. Only 58 percent of the students graduate high school.

So Detroit today is announcing a big plan, shutting down more than 40 of its schools. It's all part of a program to revitalize Detroit schools.

What they want to do is within five years boost their graduation rates. Right now only 58 percent, as we said, are graduating high school. They want to get that up to 98 percent. Very ambitious.

They also want the students to test at the national average within five years. They're a long way from that. What they are going to do is recruit top principals, recruit top teachers, but there's also another key component, something that is done here that's a key part of the success here at Cornerstone.

CLARK DURANT, FOUNDER, CORNERSTONE SCHOOL: We say that you have a responsibility, too, not just the student. We expect you to be at parent/teacher meetings. We expect you to see that a child's homework gets done.

CHERNOFF: The parents have to play a key role. Educators say that is so, so important, and it is a major problem at some failing schools. Not just parents but also over here they recruit people from the community, mentors, professionals in the community, who come to also meet with the children and encourage them and tell them exactly what they can become once they get out of school.

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