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CNN NEWS:海地地震被困小提琴手出院

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PHILLIPS:我认为Stevie的钢琴起了很大的帮助。John Zarrella以前曾为我们报道过Romel的故事。此后他还进行了贴心的追踪访问。John,你好。

JOHN ZARRELLA,CNN记者:你好,Kyra。你知道,Romel看上去很好,周六他已经出院。他曾在废墟中被困了18个小时。现在已经过去两个月了。他被困在太子港他自己的音乐学校的废墟下长达18个小时。那时,为了保持思维敏捷,让自己生存下来,Romel 在大脑中一直回忆他参加过的每一场音乐会演出。还记得吗,他是一位成就卓著的小提琴手。



但是,他的身体状况确实越来越好。我们曾经提到过他想要一架钢琴。我们以前采访他时他曾经说过,他说,他的手不能移动,但是至少他可以用琴键来锻炼自己的手指。伟大的Stevie Wonder听说了他的要求之后说,“Romel,我们将送给你一架钢琴”,然后把他自己的钢琴送给了他。Romel说,这非常有帮助。

PHILLIPS: I think Stevie's keyboard helped out a lot. John Zarrella has been covering Romel's story for us. He has got a heartwarming follow up. Hey, John.

JOHN ZARRELLA, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Hey, Kyra. You know, Romel really looks good there as he got out of the hospital there on Saturday. He was trapped for 18 hours. We're going back what, about two months now. He was trapped under the rubble of his own music school in Haiti, in Port-au- Prince for 18 hours. During that time, in order to stay alert, to keep himself alive, Romel recited in his head every concerto he had ever played. Remember, he's an accomplished violinist.

And again, on Saturday he was released from Jackson Memorial Hospital. Looked really good, better every time we see him. He was smiling. They brought him out in a wheelchair. You can see that there. He's going to go and stay with a friend of his for the next month or so while he continues his rehabilitation.

Now that rehabilitation, the physical therapy, that is continuing. He's going to have that physical therapy on outpatient basis. You see him there working with the walker. He can walk a little bit now. A lot of physical therapy, smiling a lot. He's getting stronger and stronger all the time. Still more surgeries to come. They've got to remove those pins from his legs yet.

But, again, he's getting better and better. As we've mentioned he wanted that keyboard. He mentioned that to us, Kyra, on one of those visits,  saying that because and as we can see, he couldn't move his hands because they were in the cast, that at least he could move his fingers using the keyboard. As you mentioned, Stevie Wonder, as great as he is, heard the call and said, "Romel, we're going to get you a keyboard" and sent him one of his own keyboards. And Romel says it's really been helpful.

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