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CNN NEWS:小学生致信州长反对关闭学校

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Now we talke about a radical plan. Money so tight in Kansas City, Missouri. The school district might close almost half its schools. There's a plan to  close 29 of 61 schools to deal with a $50 million budget short fall. Superintendents talking about cutting 700 jobs. That's more than a quarter of the payroll. The school board votes on the plan Wednesday.

You can expect the community to have a lot to say about this plan before then.

As far as California's education crunch goesGovernor Schwarzenegger can expect a lot of letters from some concerned citizens, letters written in pencil, unlined paper, no cursive, and his name might be a little butchered. Here's CNN's THELMA GUTIERREZ.

THELMA GUTIERREZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: It is no secret that the State of California is having money problems or that schools are having a tough time surviving, but what exactly does the budget crisis mean to schoolchildren. We came to Wonderland School in Hollywood Hills to see what the kids have to say.

GUTIERREZ (voice-over): After all, they are the ones dealing with this mess.

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: They are cutting the library. They are cutting the music.

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: I am really worried about this.

GUTIERREZ: The school has already lost office staff and assistant principal, and they stand to lose several teachers at the end of the year.


GUTIERREZ: So, the kids in this second grade classroom at Wonderland Avenue Elementary School are about to launch a protest in the way seven and eight year-olds can, they are writing letters to the man in charge.

(on-camera): Who are you writing to?

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: Governor Sorzenegger (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: Snortsnaggers (ph).

UNIDENTIFIED BOY: Governor Snortsanegger (ph).

GUTIERREZ: OK. So, they don't know his name, but they do have a serious message to send him.

UNIDENTIFIED GIRL: At my school. I would not want to lose the librarian and coach, teachers and the nurse, I am concerned because people are cutting money from our school.

ETHAN BLITZ, SECOND GRADER: I love my school. So, can you stop cutting budgets? I really want to keep my school.

SOO IN CHOO, SECOND GRADER: I am concerned that you will make our teachers, coaches, our mom and dad and other people that are poor and lose their jobs. Please don't make them lose their jobs.

MOSES BARYOTAM, SECOND GRADER: So, this is what I'm saying, please don't take money from our school. I would even help you, if you can do this one favor. So, please, can you do it? So, I am begging.

GUTIERREZ (on camera): Well, that is really a good letter. I can tell you to put a lot of thought into it. Yeah? All right. Soo, in her letter is one of about 500 that were written here at the school. Where did the teacher go? Jody Hoffman is a second grade teacher here. Jody, if I could ask you a quick question.


GUTIERREZ: Tell me, why this letter-writing campaign? What are you hoping to do?

HOFFMAN: Well, we are hoping to show the governor how important the schools are and how well these children are doing and how much they care.

GUTIERREZ: In writing to the governor. Do you think you can make a difference?



BALK: I don't think that just parents should worry about it. I think that kids and parents should worry about it.

GUTIERREZ: So, beware, governor, hundreds of letters are heading your way. They should be in your mailbox soon. I talked to the principal of the school, he says that 500 letters are now on their way to Sacramento, the students' next project, YouTube videos to the California legislators --THELMA GUTIERREZ, CNN, LOS ANGELES.


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