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CNN NEWS:药剂师因医疗事故入狱惹争议

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PHILLIPS:系统的漏洞。俄亥俄医院一家医院的药剂师今天出狱。但是他的案件将对未来平静处理医疗事故产生长远的影响。这些是医院肮脏的内幕。CNN记者David Mattingly进行了调查。

DAVID MATTINGLY,CNN全国记者:2006年,Eric Cropp是克里夫兰医院一名药剂师。一名2岁的癌症患者Emily Jerry由于药剂师的医疗错误而身亡。他的化疗药物与盐溶液混合,盐溶液的浓度高出正常水平23倍。

但是由于Eric Cropp负责监管药剂师的工作,他原本应该发现这个错误,因此被判入狱。我发现他的时候,他非常困惑,非常后悔。


ERIC CROPP,前药剂师:某种方面来说,是的。因为媒体将一切错误都推给我,我的同事也是一样。非常痛苦。

MATTINGLY:但是再痛苦也比不上Emily Jerry的母亲。

KELLY JERRY,Emily的母亲:她原本应该可以继续在滑梯上玩耍。但是最重要的仍然是儿童安全问题。

MATTINGLY:Emily不幸夭折之后,Kelly Jerry努力争取俄亥俄州通过立法,要求药房工作者接受新的训练和资格认证。

Cropp说,导致Emily Jerry发生事故的错误那天,他的任务非常繁重,非常繁忙。全国的媒体系统对医疗体系进行批天盖地的抨击。病人安全倡导者警告称,这样的案例会使改变环境,减少灾难性的错误更加困难。

MICHAEL COHEN,药物制度研究人员:人们将会害怕面对和鉴别自己卷入的问题,因为担心丢失执照,甚至像这个案件一样面临刑事诉讼。

MATTINGLY:州药物制度研究所的Michael Cohen和其他专家一起致信法官,称Cropp是比较容易对付的目标。他们说,“最重要的是集中于导致这样的灾难发生的系统漏洞。”

但是按照法庭的观点,Cropp没有发现导致Emily Jerry死亡的错误,他没有任何借口。他因过失杀人罪被判处六个月的渐进。他今后都不能从事药剂师的工作。

CNN记者David Mattingly在克里夫兰报道。

PHILLIPS: A crack in the system. An Ohio hospital pharmacist is now out of prison, but his case could have long-range repercussions keeping any future medical mistakes quiet. The hospital's dirty little secret. The CNN's David Mattingly investigates. (BEGIN VIDEOTAPE)

DAVID MATTINGLY, CNN NATIONAL CORRESPONDENT (voice-over): In 2006, Eric Cropp was a pharmacist at a Cleveland Hospital when a 2- year-old cancer patient Emily Jerry was killed by the medical error of a pharmacy technician. She was given a chemotherapy drug mixed with a salt solution 23 times more concentrated than the normal dose.

But because Eric Cropp was the supervising pharmacists and should have caught the mistake, he was sent to jail. And that's where I found him, confused and struggling with regrets.

Do you think it was your fault?

ERIC CROPP, FORMER PHARMACIST: In a way, sometimes, because I have been called everything in the media and the way my co-workers have treated me, it's been hard.

MATTINGLY: But not as hard as it has been for Emily Jerry's mom.

KELLY JERRY, EMILY'S MOTHER: She would go up and down the slide. First thing was the middle,  was still on those child safety swings.

MATTINGLY: After Emily's death, Kelly Jerry pushed for laws in Ohio requiring new training and certification for pharmacy workers.

(on camera): Cropp says the mistake that killed Emily Jerry came on a day when he was overloaded and rushed. These are common complaints throughout the nation's medical system and patient safety advocates warn that cases like this might actually make it harder to change the conditions where tragic errors are made.

MICHAEL COHEN, INST. FOR SAFE MEDICATION PRACTICES: And people are going to be afraid to come forward and identify problems that they've been involved with, because of fear for losing their license, or in this case, they even have criminal charges brought against you.

MATTINGLY: Michael Cohen of the Institute for State Medication Practices was among experts sending letters to the judge, calling Cropp an easy target, saying, "the greater good is served by focusing on system issues that allow tragedies like this to happen."

But in the court's eyes, Cropp had no excuse for missing the mistake that killed Emily Jerry. He's serving six months for involuntary manslaughter. He will never work as a pharmacist again.

David Mattingly, CNN, Cleveland.


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